COVID-19 Information for Downtown Residents

The COVID-19 links below have been collected and organized into an index that directs you to the best information of interest to downtown residents. This information is constantly changing, so check the supplied links.

Please carefully validate all COVID-19 related social media before believing it and especially before sharing. See below for some reliable sources of information specifically directed to Long Beach.

Summary of Safer At Home

This is a summary of the health orders restricting activities of the community as a means of slowing the spread of COVID-19. Keep up-to-date, read the entire orders, review definitions and rules, and find resources at (link).

  • Stay At Home unless you are performing an Essential Activity or performing curbside pickup from a non-essential business.
  • Stay Safe: Avoid Close Contact (6 feet apart), wash hands, wear masks outside of home. Masks are required inside essential businesses and during pickup at curbside or takeout.
  • Isolate yourself if you have been diagnosed with or are likely to have COVID-19 and inform any Close Contacts encountered while symptomatic.
  • Quarantine yourself if you have been in close contact with a person diagnosed with or likely to have COVID-19 while that person was symptomatic.
  • Non-essential businesses are closed for entrance, but some are allowed for curbside pickup or delivery only.
  • Gatherings at parks and beaches are still not allowed.
  • Beaches are open for individual/family activities such as swimming, kiteboarding, etc. Lounging, sunbathing and gatherings are NOT allowed. Beach parking lots are closed to all except those with off-street parking permits.
  • An Essential Business may refuse admission or service to any individual who fails to wear a Face Covering during their time in the facility.
  • Violations of the order are misdemeanors punishable by imprisonment, fine or both.
  • Health Facilities such as Skilled Nursing or Long Term Care have increased restrictions on interactions. This includes strict limitations on visitation, additional screening, and the physical separation of patients and staff who show symptoms associated with COVID-19.

What’s OK

The following are open or allowed:

  • Essential activities — You may still engage in activities or perform tasks essential to your health and safety, or to the health and safety of your family, household members and pets. This includes visiting a health care or veterinary care professional. You can “engage in legally mandated governmental purposes, such as, access to court, social, and administrative services or complying with an order of law  enforcement or court”. Social distancing must be maintained at all times. Don’t do this stuff if you are supposed to isolate or quarantine yourself. See the Revised Order Issued May 22 for the complete list of Do’s and Don’ts. (link)
  • Some Non-essential Businesses may operate for curbside pickup or delivery only. (link – see Item 2c)
  • Car dealership showrooms are open for sales.
  • Golf courses may operate. Retail shops at golf courses are open for curbside pickup only and concession stands and restaurants may operate for take-out only.
  • These facilities are open: Tennis, Archery, Disc Golf. (link – see Item 3)
  • Public trails and trailheads (DeForest Wetlands, Nature Center and Willow Springs) and the bike and pedestrian paths along the sanded portion of the beach are open. Beaches remain closed. Parking lots with access to parks and trailheads will be open to facilitate access only.

General  COVID-19 Information For Long Beach

The City encourages all residents to visit their COVID_19 Web Page for up-to-date information on COVID-19, and to avoid misinformation. Sample Topics:

  • Dashboard displaying comprehensive data and demographics on cases, hospitalizations and deaths.
  • Health Orders & Updates, Closures
  • Testing Sites and Rapid Assessment Clinic (under Testing graphic)
  • Tenant Rental Relief (under Assistance & Resources graphic)
  • Street Sweeping, Parking, & Late Penalties
  • Ways to Help & Donate, including the Neighbor-To-Neighbor Program and the Long Beach Coronavirus Relief Fund (under Resources for the Public)
  • FAQ’s and Fliers

The Downtown Long Beach Alliance (DLBA) has established a web page (click HERE) with resources for businesses, workers, residents & parents, senior citizens & home-bound individuals, and individuals experiencing homelessness.

California Roadmap to Reopening

Gov. Newsom’s presentation on reopening businesses and entertainment. (link)

Follow COVID-19 Social Media Updates, Tips and Notices

  • City’s social media pages @LongBeachCity and @LBHealthDept
  • Follow hashtag #COVID19LongBeach
  • Important messages are sent daily by our local City Council Offices. If you are not on their distribution, send them a note at, and
  • Sign up for Alert Long Beach (link) to receive emergency notifications.

Long Beach Unified School District

  • Long Beach Unified School District Updates and Notifications link)
  • Click HERE for resources specific to each school.
  • Low-cost internet (link) for low income households. Also, free and low-cost options for computers.
  • Homework Help: live Tutoring, eLearning Tools, Homework Send Question, Writing Lab. Requires a LA County Library card (link). The Long Beach Library’s Homework Help Line may still be working. (link)
  • Free School Meals (link)
  • WorkLB is a free electronic platform that helps to connect hourly child care providers with members of the public who suddenly need quality childcare. For more information, call (562) 570-4249.

National Information on COVID-19

Visit the COVID-19 webpage of the Centers for Disease Prevention. (link)

New York Times COVID-19 Tracker by Country (link). Links to State and Metro areas.

You may have heard something about a Google website for COVID-19. Click HERE for information.

Health Services

Online COVID-19 screening (NOT testing). Click HERE for the Apple tool, and HERE for the CDC tool. The resources offer an online screening tool, information about the disease, and some guidance on when to seek testing or emergency care.

Free COVID testing and medical treatment for uninsured (including immigrants). Sign up for care at the Health Services Department 844-804-0055.

Long Beach has opened a Rapid Assessment Clinic at Long Beach Community College for those who would normally go to an emergency room for assessment of symptoms. This can include testing for COVID-19 or renewal of medication prescriptions for those with routine health issues. (link)

Long Beach now has multiple locations for drive-through testing (link) Watch this 4-minute video to see the testing in action. (link)

Assistance Available

  • The Long Beach Post has published a comprehensive list of resources. (link)
  • Out of work? File for Unemployment (link) If sick and cannot work, file for Disability (link). If you are caring for someone else who is sick with COVID-19 and unable to work, file a claim for paid family leave. (link)
  • The Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) program helps unemployed Californians who are not usually eligible for regular State Unemployment Insurance benefits. (link)
  • Food Pantries: LA Food Bank list (link).
  • Food Stamps (link)
  • Free School Meals (link)
  • Legal Aid Foundation (link) Eviction Defense, Domestic Violence, Immigration, etc.
  • Resources for Older Adults (link): Seniors can now call 562-570-INFO (select option 5) for information on food delivery, home supplies, prescription delivery services, utility restoration and mental health resources. The web link also provides info on Food & Grocery delivery and a Friendly Caller program.
  • The City’s Eviction Moratorium is extended until July 31. Although missed rent must be repaid, tenants have 12 months from the end of the moratorium to repay in full. (link)

Rent and Mortgage Relief

Long Beach’s tenant eviction ordinance is applicable to rent due between March 4th, 2020 and July 31st, 2020. Note that this is more generous than the State ordinance. (link)

  • Tenants are required to notify their landlords that they are unable to pay rent before the expiration date of any pay-or-quit notice issued as a result of non-payment of rent.
  • Tenants who notify their landlords must provide documentation illustrating 1) a substantial decrease in business or household income or 2) out of pocket medical expenses.
  • You are still required to eventually repay any missing or unpaid rent.

Lenders are granting mortgage relief to borrowers suffering from the loss of a job, a reduction in work hours, or other impacts from Coronavirus. Mortgage Relief Options Include:

  • Foreclosure sales & evictions of borrowers are suspended
  • A forbearance plan to reduce or suspend mortgage payments for up to 12 months
  • Reporting to credit bureau of past due payments will be suspended for borrowers in a forbearance plan as a result of COVID-19
  • No late fees for homeowners in a forbearance plan

Homeowners must contact their loan servicer to determine what relief options are applicable. Find more info HERE.

Price Gouging

During the COVID crisis, it is illegal for a person to sell food, emergency supplies, medical supplies, building materials, housing, transportation, or gasoline for a price that is more than ten percent (10%) greater than the price normally charged by that person for those products or services. The governor has extended Price Gouging enforcement through September 4, 2020. Not every instance of price increase will be a violation of law. For example, retailers can raise prices if directly attributable to additional supplier costs, but 100% of complaints will be investigated and all viable cases will be pursued in court. Click the following link to find out more or to report price gouging. (link)

Where To Get Your Mask

An Essential Business may refuse admission or service if you are not wearing a non-medical mask or other face covering. CDC link HERE. Shop for masks at this Long Beach Post site HERE. Learn how to sew one HERE. See several no-sew versions HERE. IMPORTANT—Wash the mask after every use.

Note: Sterile surgical masks and N95 respirators should be reserved for those on the front lines of the pandemic – medical professionals and first responders. Also, masks are not a substitute for hand-washing and social distancing mandates. Remember – You are safer at home.

Wear a mask– Protect someone’s grandma. We can stop the spread of COVID-19 if we just keep our germs to ourselves. Evidence is building that if everyone wore a mask, we could more rapidly open the country. (link) Moreover, wearing a mask could be inconvenient for you, but it could be life or death for someone’s grandma.

Online Safety Guide

Now that we have the majority of our interpersonal interactions online, we need a hyper-awareness of everything from online etiquette to safety issues, including online dating. Although this helpful guide was developed for individuals faced with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), the advice pertains to everyone. (link)

Stimulus Check Update

The IRS has a Get My Payment page which ties together all of the steps to get your check. You can 1) Register for your check if you do not normally file, 2) Set up Direct Deposit if needed, and 3) Track your check status. This page (link) will walk you through the process.

Note: Social Security, SSDI, and Railroad Retirement beneficiaries will automatically get a check, but if you have qualifying children under age 17, you can use the tool to claim the $500 payment per child. Click HERE for info. Check with your tax preparer/advisor for verification and how this applies in your particular instance.

Mental Health & COVID-19

Get help if you feel your mental health is being negatively affected (link). Some insurance companies in California are picking up the cost of online (telehealth/videoconference) psychotherapy during this crisis. Check with your insurance provider to see if your policy qualifies.

This link (link) gives tips for managing stress and numbers to call for help on issues specific to Youth & Teens, Veterans, First Responders & Law Enforcement, Older Californians, Deaf & Hard of Hearing Individuals, Services for Substance Abuse Disorders, and LGBTQ Individuals. Numbers are also available for Suicide Prevention and preventing Domestic Violence either against you or someone you know.

Mental health resources for coping with COVID-19 are available from the National Alliance on Mental Health (Long Beach). (link) Prince Harry has a similar free program called HeadFit. (link)

Support People Affected by COVID-19

Are still you getting paid? Will you continue to get paid? What will you do with your $1200 stimulus check? Support the impacted members of your community now, and they will be around when you need them later. You don’t want to see these people living on your sidewalk.

  • Long Beach Coronavirus Relief Fund (link)
  • Neighbor-to-Neighbor program (link). Find ways we can volunteer to take care of each other.
  • Long Beach Help & Donate Response (link)
  • LA County How You Can Help (link)
  • Tipped and Service Worker Support Fund (link)
  • Donate blood if you are healthy and eligible (link)
  • Long Beach Rescue Mission (link) Transitioning people from homelessness to independence.
  • Volunteer to deliver free meals to seniors prepared by World Central Kitchen (WCK). (link)

Restaurants Offering Take-Out/Delivery

Council District 1 (List) (includes Food Banks)

Council District 2 (List)

Council District 3 (List)


Food Delivery Tips (link). Maximize the benefit for you, the delivery person and the restaurant.

Pop-Up Mini-Markets

  • Ammatolí Mediterranean Bites, 285 E 3rd St; (562) 435-0808
  • George’s Greek Cafe, 135 Pine Ave, Long Beach, CA 90802;
  • Hi-lo Liquor Market, 707 E. Ocean Blvd., Unit A; (562) 435-3993
  • Long Beach Taco Company, 442 E 1st St.; (562) 912-4455
  • Michael’s Downtown, 210 E. Third St.; 562-491-2100
  • Modica’s, 455 E Ocean Blvd.: (562) 435-7011
  • Recreational Coffee, 237 Long Beach Blvd.; 562-436-4954
  • Pier 76, 95 Pine Ave.; 562-983-1776
  • Portuguese Bend, 300 The Promenade N.; 562-435-4411
  • Romeo Chocolates, 460 Pine Ave.; 562-432-7999
  • Sura Korean BBQ & Tofu House, 621 Atlantic Ave.; 562-495-7872

Download the City-Wide Grocery Guide (link) in PDF or Excel form.